UC San Diego

Dec 20, 2010

UC San Diego is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  It has a lot going for it: a beautiful 1,200 acre campus with views of the Pacific ocean, beautiful weather, and a stellar reputation for academic excellence. UCSD consistently ranks as one of the top 10 Public Ivies, was named 10th in the nation by the National Research Council for the quality of  its faculty, and was ranked number one in the nation by Washington Monthly for commitment to service.

UCSD Price Student Center, by Alex Hansen

One of UCSD’s unique features is its family of undergraduate colleges.  Patterned after the Oxford-Cambridge system, the colleges offer students individual choices in core academic programs, general education requirements, and social communities.  The student’s choice of college is based on matching up interests and ideals, not major.

38% of the over 48,000 2010 applicants were admitted to UCSD.  The average GPA for admitted students was 4.08.  The average ACT composite score was 29 and the average SAT score was 1980.  UCSD has 12 evaluation factors that admissions assigns scores to.  However, academic achievement (i.e. uncapped GPA, scores on all required exams, number of UC “a-g” scores above the minimum and eligibility in local context) constitutes about three-quarters of the total points.

UCSD is for the highly motivated student who won’t get distracted by the beach and great weather or let the absence of D1 sports disappoint her.  Although some students complain that the SD stands for “socially dead or sleep deprived”, the six-college system allows a student to feel part of a close-knit community within an over 23,000 student campus.