Macalester College

Dec 2, 2010

Macalester College is a small liberal arts college located in a residential neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota. In the heart of a lively metropolitan area, 1965 undergraduates attend this beautiful 53 acre campus within walking distance to the Mississippi River.

The academic environment is rigorous and the most popular majors are biology, economics and chemistry. 96% of admitted students graduated in the top quarter of their high school class with a mid-50% tests score of 2110 for the SAT and 31 for the ACT. ‘Mac’ students are known to be passionate, collaborative and socially progressive. Last year, 46% of their applicants were accepted.

With a special emphasis on internationalism, multiculturalism, and service to society, 60% of ‘Mac’ students study abroad and 50% volunteer each semester. More than 92 % of their students are active volunteers in the Twin Cities community before graduating and one out-of-three participate in an internship. 78% of the students are out-of-state and 12% are international.

Macalester is a great choice for the high-achieving, liberal, politically active student. And, as a Macalester ‘Scot’, you can take free bagpipe lessons!

Check out Macalester President Brian Rosenberg’s you tube self-parody of President’s Day.

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