University of Minnesota

Feb 10, 2011

The University of Minnesota’s flagship research institution is located in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.The Minneapolis campus straddles the Mississippi River and is connected to its St. Paul campus via a 5 minute bus ride. It is home to the Minnesota Golden Gophers and students enjoy the traditions and excitement that Big 10 football brings.

29,921 undergraduates choose from over 135 majors in 7 schools. The most popular majors are Engineering, Social Science, Business and Biology. Mid-50% SAT scores range from 1650-2030 and an ACT composite of 24-29. Approximately 50% of its applicants are admitted.

Out-of-state costs are reasonable and non-resident merit scholarships are available to top students. Incoming freshman are guaranteed to graduate in four years as long as they meet the program requirements. Internship and co-op opportunities are plentiful with access to 20 local Fortune 500 companies such as Target, 3M and Best Buy.

Students are friendly, academics are strong and the cost is competitive. The University of Minnesota is a great option for students looking for an alternative to the UCs…provided they are not afraid of a little cold weather!

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