Key Themes from the 2011 CSU Counselor Conference

Sep 22, 2011

High School counselors and independent education consultants from across Northern California gathered at CSU East Bay

CSU East Bay

on Monday, September 19th, to hear the latest news and trends from the California State University system.  It would take a spreadsheet to keep track of each of the 23 campus’ different requirements and deadlines, but here are the key themes from across the CSU system:

  • The CSU application process is Deadline Driven! Applicants who miss  deadlines will be quickly weeded from the applicant pool.
  • The application process does not end when a senior presses the submit button.  Each campus will communicate with the applicant via the student’s portal about additional deadlines, missing requirements and/or additional information needed.  In some cases, the portal may be the only method of communication, so applicants must diligently check them on a regular basis.
  • CSU campuses now have clear appeal processes in place.  However, the campuses state they will entertain appeals based on new information only.  A missed deadline, unless due to a life and death-type situation, is not a valid reason for appeal.
  • CSU campuses are continuing to institute the Early Start Program (ESP) which allows incoming freshmen who need remediation in Math and English a chance to get proficient the summer before their first semester.  To do so, the campuses are strongly urging those students to take their English Placement Tests (EPT) and Entry Level Math (ELM) tests as soon as possible especially when offered in January through April.
  • All CSU campus offers of admission are “provisional” and “conditional”.  Seniors must meet all CSU academic requirements by graduation.  No summer make up will be allowed.  Offers of admission will be rescinded if requirements or deadlines are not met.
  • Most, if not all, of the CSU campuses have mandatory freshman orientation as a condition of acceptance.

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