Santa Teresa High School student, Class of 2016

“Thank you so, so much, this entire college application process was made 100% easier and less stressful than it would’ve been without your guidance! With your help, I was able to not only find the perfect college for me but I was able to get all my papers and requirements successfully in on time! With your direction so many great opportunities presented themselves to me and I don’t think I could have done it without you!”

Leland High School student, Class of 2016

“You have truly been my greatest supporter through my college application journey. Because of you I now have many great options to choose from that I would not have had had you not been there for me.”

Leland High School parent, Class of 2016

“Thank you for your guidance and advice. We are grateful for you help assisting us navigate through the college search and application processes.”

Archbishop Mitty High School student, Class of 2015

“I really appreciate all your support and help with my essays and narrowing down my choices.  I could not have done it without you.  Thank you very much.”

Monterey Peninsula CC student, Class of 2015

“You helped me find my academic path to get to where I am today. I am very happy and appreciative to have been able to meet with you, and for all of your help in figuring out my major. You’re the best, Sandy!”

Leland High School parent, Class of 2015

“I can’t believe this whole process is coming to an end!  It seems like we just met with you for the first time yesterday!  Thank you for your invaluable advice and support these past two years. I know we couldn’t have done it without you and it wouldn’t have been as much fun either!  We learned so many lessons, not only about the college application process, but about parenting skills needed for high school seniors and about setting realistic expectations too.”

Pioneer High School student, Class of 2015

“Participating in the My College Hunt Program was beneficial to my search for a college.  Mrs. Cronan kept me on track with all the different dates as well as things to do.  More importantly, she helped me to diversify the colleges I was applying to.  This gave me many options to choose from when it was time to make a decision”

Bellarmine College Preparatory student, Class of 2015

“At the beginning of my college application process, I had no idea where to start. From finding the right colleges to reviewing my application essays, Sandy made the process enjoyable and stress-free. The tips and tricks Sandy showed me gave me the competitive edge in the application pool. I was accepted into the school of my dreams and can’t wait for the next four years. Thanks Sandy!”

Westmont High School student, Class of 2015

“Without a doubt, I would not be going to my top college choice next year without the guidance and support given to me from Kathy Cronan.  She truly went above and beyond in helping me search for, apply and evaluate college choices”


Leland High School student, Class of 2014

“Kathy, thank you so much for all of your help. I really enjoyed working with you. You are fun to be around and very understanding. I am also very thankful that you expanded my college range to the East Coast instead of only California schools. My personality is similar to east coast students, and you recognized that I can thrive in that environment. The University of South Carolina is my dream school, and you are the reason I am attending my dream school in their honors program with a large amount of financial aid. Thank you for everything, and go Gamecocks!”

Saint Francis High School parent, Class of 2014

“Many thanks to Sandy McMaster for simplifying the complicated process of college selection and admission.  Sandy’s patience, skill and professionalism helped guide my son to acceptance and scholarship to a university well suited to his interests and needs.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her services to any high school student looking for help in the daunting task of finding the right college fit.”

Leland High School student, Class of 2014

“My College Hunt–specifically Kathy Cronan–helped me so much throughout the hectic process that is college applications; I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. From helping me stay ahead of my deadlines to coming up with unique essay topics to proofing my essays and so much more, Kathy was there through it all. I would not have been able to be nearly as successful if it weren’t for her and I am forever grateful for the help I received in order to attend my dream college! “

Homestead High School student, Class of 2014

“[Sandy] I wanted to thank you for all your time these past two years preparing me for the college application and decision process.  I could never have made it through without you! I submitted my statement of intent to register at the University of Washington for the fall quarter and couldn’t be more excited!”

Pioneer High School student, Class of 2014

“[Kathy] Thank you very much for all the help you have given me. I would have never found and been accepted to University of Denver if I had not started coming to you. I can’t express how wonderful it has been working with you. Thanks so much”

Leland High School parent, Class of 2014

“I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with My College Hunt. Our family’s experience could not have been better. [Sandy] listened to [my son] to help shape his realistic list of where he should consider. She also helped him select several schools in Canada and Great Britain that I was not familiar with yet would have been a perfect fit for him. Throughout this process, [Sandy] kept him on track, meeting deadlines and guiding him to get the appropriate forms, transcripts, reference letters, essays, and tests written and scores submitted. As a parent I left the “nagging” to her and was confident everything was taken care of.    My son is off to his first choice school this fall and we are thankful to My College Hunt for helping him get there. I absolutely will be using My College Hunt for our next child!”

Pioneer High School parent of twins, Class of 2014

“I give her [Kathy] my highest recommendation; she virtually eliminated the stress I was feeling to pressure the boys to get things done the fall of their senior year. She met with them weekly (on their changing schedules) and helped with every aspect of the application process, including many edits of their essays. I especially liked that she encouraged them to look at schools in the Midwest and East coast; something our high school advisor did not. Both [boys] got into their first choices of schools, and I do not think that would have happened without Kathy’s coaching.”

Leland High School student, Class of 2014

“Sandy’s help through the long and stressful college admissions process made the process relatively stress free and not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. She helped me find schools that would be a perfect fit for me and helped make all of my essays amazing. In the end I got into so many great schools and I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it without her help.”

Presentation High School student, Class of 2013

“The work that Mrs. McMaster did has been invaluable to me this past year. Not only was she able to effectively find a group of schools that really fit my personality and life goals, but she also spent an incredible amount of time reading over essays and the other various parts of my applications. Her feedback was always honest and very helpful, and I can honestly say that my success with the college process is thanks to her and Mrs. Cronan’s work with My College Hunt. I am happy to say that I will be attending one of my top choice universities next year–a school that I was not even familiar with prior to Mrs. Cronan and Mrs. McMaster’s help finding such a perfect fit. I am very grateful for their work!”

Leland High School student, Class of 2013

“My College Hunt helped me with my college application process. Mrs. Cronan kept me on track (especially with my essays) and aided me in what I needed to do for each individual school, and as a result, I was accepted into some great colleges. She helped me exceed my own expectations!”

Los Gatos High School student, Class of 2013

“Sandy, Thanks for all the help and guidance you provided during my hectic college application process. I am beyond thrilled for my acceptance into USC and many other choices – it’s nice to have options!”

Leland High School student, Class of 2013

“Mrs. Cronan was and is a fantastic college counselor. Whether it was communicating with each other via email, helping me decide what type of environment I would learn best in, or learning about the kind of person I am, she really was instrumental in helping me get to where I am today.

Before our sessions, I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in life, but she put me on the right path. It took some work and soul searching, but I finally picked the food science major at Cal Poly SLO. And the fact that she continued to communicate with me, even after our sessions were over, truly meant a lot. On countless occasions, she was the one to put my mind at ease.

If you are lost, or just don’t know where to begin your search for the place to spend the best four years of your life, look no further. Friendly, full of resources and knowledge, and someone to talk to in order to find out who you really are.”

Sobrato High School parent, Class of 2013

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sandy McMaster and My College Hunt. The process of defining and discerning college options was thorough and customized to my daughter’s preferences and interests; The summer writing sessions for students to develop essays was invaluable; And the application processes was thorough and as stress-free as possible since it was scheduled out over many months.  My daughter was accepted to many of her top choice schools and received a number of scholarship offers and grants.

I highly recommend obtaining a skilled college coach to work with high school students serious about getting into the best college possible for them. While other students were stressing over essays and completing applications during the late Fall, my daughter had all of her applications submitted and had received several acceptances. My daughter enjoyed the personal rapport she had with Sandy. We were pleased with the process and thrilled with the results.”

Presentation High School parent, Class of 2013

“I can’t thank Kathy Cronan enough for helping my daughter through the college selection process.  I know folks say you don’t need a college counselor, but in our case, I guarantee that they are wrong.  Kathy encouraged my daughter to do early applications, got to know her and guided her essay topic, scoped best-fit schools and advised her through test taking strategies.  While not your “typical” top notch student using a counselor to strategize for the most selective college admissions, that made Kathy’s services all the more valuable.  As an aspiring college athlete, Kathy helped her evaluate her choices well ahead of time, and even though she won’t be playing NCAA sports, my daughter is very happy with her decision not to play.  That is because she will be attending her academic reach school in the fall!  And this was a kid with a pretty ugly math SAT.  Kathy helped colleges see the best that my daughter has to offer their student body and society. For that, I am forever grateful.”

Leland High School parent, Class of 2012

“Our son is enjoying his first year at the perfect college for him, thanks in part to Sandy McMaster at My College Hunt. Navigating the college selection and application process is not for the faint of heart – the number of options and the complexity of the application system are daunting – but Sandy was calm, extremely organized, and thorough. She reviewed our son’s essays and made recommendations for changes, and ensured that he met all deadlines and stayed on track. What a relief it was not to have to battle with our son to get things done! Sandy did the hard work, and our relationship with our son remained intact. I highly recommend the services of My College Hunt.”

Leland High School parent, Class of 2012

“My son will be living his college dream this fall. We could not have done it without Kathy’s expert advice, services and recommendations. My son was immediately comfortable working with Kathy – an important first step. She helped him narrow down his college choices, always giving him honest feedback regarding grades, scores, and other competitive measures. She also put forth great effort helping him with his essays — clearly the hardest exercise for him. But, Kathy was patient yet persistent and this kept my son on track with every detail and deadline. Summary emails after each meeting with a list of upcoming expectations were really helpful. And Kathy always responded promptly (both phone calls and emails) whenever we had frantic concerns. We are so appreciative!”

Bellarmine College Prep student, Class of 2012

“Sandy, thank you so much for all the work you contributed to my college application experience.  You saved me from tireless hours of research and writing and you pushed me in the right direction.  I am more than happy with my college choice and the reason I made it is in great thanks to you.”

 Presentation High School parent, Class of 2012

“My College Hunt” was a god-send! Kathy calmly navigated my daughter through the entire college process. It was truly a pleasure for all of us going through it with Kathy. We will definitely use this service for our son when the time comes!”

Willow Glen High School student, class of 2011

“Mrs. McMaster was an essential part of my college application process. She helped me step by step which made the college applications much less stressful. She not only helped me find which colleges best suited me but took me to visit some campuses as well. I thank her greatly for all her efforts to get me to go to college.”

 Leland High School parent, Class of 2011 

“[Kathy] I want to thank you for all the help you provided M throughout her college search, application, decision, and acceptance process. Your suggestions to explore colleges in various locations/states, as well as helping her target a collection of schools that matched her interests and qualifications, provided her with very successful results! You made the entire college admissions process very easy for my husband and I to manage. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

 Archbishop Mitty High School student, Class of 2011

“Sandy was a huge help when it came to starting the essay process. At first I had no clue what I was going to write about but she was really able to get me started by asking me insightful questions about specific topics and my past personal achievements/experiences. She made it a lot less stressful for me and gave great advice, with regards to what to include or not include in the essay. Everything she suggested was put to good use and I think the end result of my college essay was great. I was extremely pleased with what I got out of it and am so thankful for her guidance! “

Foothill High School student, Class of 2011

“Kathy is everything you could want in a College Admission Advisor and more! She is easy to work with, my son related well to her and her to him, and she is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Although my son knew what he wanted to major in and thought he knew where he wanted to go, she opened his eyes to many other opportunities and he now has some great options he would not have had otherwise. Not only did she help him get into a Summer Engineering Program prior to his senior year to help him narrow down his field of engineering, she also showed him some great options for schools that he would not have considered without her input. Kathy was instrumental in helping him write an essay he could be proud of and that really showed who he was. She had some very creative ideas to tie together the things he wanted to write about into relevant ideas to apply to the essay topic.”